Ethnographic fieldwork plays a crucial role in the study of shared sacred sites. In the Fieldwork Archive, you will find a catalog of ethnographic materials on shared sacred sites, including images, audios, videos, and field-notes, that are organized by specific site, country, and community. In addition, the Shared Sacred Sites team has conducted fieldwork in Turkey, Greece, and India that you can read in Our Fieldwork.

Fieldwork Archive

The Fieldwork Archive is designed to classify, organize, and share links to fieldwork materials concerning the study of sacred sites that have been used, shared, transferred, or are otherwise connected to multiple communities. It specifically collects ethnographic materials on these sites and communities, including images, audios, videos, field-notes, and ethnographic essays. Unlike the Repository, which presents bibliographic references to published works, the Fieldwork Archive provides direct access to the materials through hyperlinks and downloadable files.

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Our Fieldwork

Director Karen Barkey and the Shared Sacred Sites team continue to identify new locations in need of descriptive and analytical research as our knowledge and awareness of the phenomena surrounding these sites grows. This year we conducted a third year of field research, and once again the results will be published as multimedia files on the website and linked into the Repository and Fieldwork Archive.

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