The primary tool shared by most of the projects on the website is the repository, a catalog of references to bibliographic and multimedia publications on the subject of shared sacred sites. While this typically means references to traditional (offline) books and articles, increasingly this material is appearing online, and wherever possible a hyperlink to the publication is provided. The repository is continually enhanced through the addition of new publications.

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About the Repository

The Repository is an ever-expanding catalog of traditional and digital publications concerning the study of shared sacred sites. The foundation of the catalog began with the digitization of the bibliographies of four recent collected volumes, listed below, representing an up-to-date survey of the most important texts of the field as of 2016. Subsequently, new entries have been added as new works have been published, and the team is routinely working to add additional materials as they become known.

The entries of the catalog are primarily focused on studies concerning the Eastern Mediterranean region, with a secondary focus on studies dealing with sites in South Asia. While this represents the preferential interests of the published research to a degree, it is also an admitted weakness of the initial repository. We continue to work towards the inclusion of additional materials. Please contact us if you wish to suggest new additions.

The foundation of the catalog is based on the bibliographies appearing in:


The catalog is organized bibliographically like a library catalog. References to digital publications contain a hyperlinked URL address where the publication is available, but references to traditional book publications contain only citations of the relevant work.

To use the repository catalog, enter a keyword in the Search page. The returned list is sorted chronologically with the most recent publications appearing on top.

Alternatively, you can browse the repository by viewing the Browse page. Here the collections are organized by the bibliography of the original publication. In addition, automatically generated tags provide another way of scanning the catalog, but note that these tags are not comprehensive and should only be considered suggestive since they were machine generated.

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Submit Bibliography to the Repository

For information on how to submit bibliography to the Repository, please see the Submit page.