Yitzhak Reiter fieldwork

14 case studies in my forthcoming book about Conflict resolution in shared holy places in Palestine and Israel:
Chapter 1 The 1929 Western Wall Strife
Chapter 2 Post 1967 Struggle over Al-Haram al-Sharif/Temple Mount
Chapter 3 Intra-Christian Conflict at the Holy Sepulcher and Deir al-Sultan
Chapter 4 (De)Constructing the Mughrabi Pathway
Chapter 5 Breaking the “”Custom of the Place” by the Women of the Wall Part b – Contesting Space and Representation at Holy Places
Chapter 6 Imagining Holiness for Territorial Ends: Nachmanides Cave
Chapter 7 The Plaza/Mosque Strife in Nazareth (Shihab al-Din)
Chapter 8 Museumizing over the Dead: Mamilla Cemetery and the MOT
Chapter 9 Judaizing David’s Tomb Part c – Demands to Restore Past Rights
Chapter 10 Diplomatic Challenge to the Status Quo at the Cenacle
Chapter 11 The Beersheba Mosque/Museum
Chapter 12 Restoring Pilgrimage to Mashhad Hussein in Ashkelon Part d – Sharing under Conflict
Chapter 13 Sharing within Fighting: Hebron’s Shrine Chapter 14 Sharing and Co-existing at Samuel/Samwil Tomb